DE, Sinnbus Records
Booking Territory: Europe/UK

The project of Berlin based musicians Douglas Greed and Fabian Kuss, that has grown into a band, tracks down the heaviness of breach and ending in rainy Electronica. It celebrates the energy within every change and the beauty of a new start. With smart compositions the duo airily maps the melancholy hidden in synths and drum machines. After the release of a dozen of tracks as Douglas Greed feat. Kuss - among others on BPitch Control, Noir and Cocoon Records - both decide to split the artistic responsibility and start writing tracks jointly. "On long drives we challenged each other musically and found our overlap", tells Kuss. "And on all these concerts it became clearer and clearer that we wanted to let this project grow into a committed band."In doing so, though, Greed and Kuss draw their energy from fundamentally different approaches. Greed describes himself as an autodidact, likes things to be decided by accident or mistakes. Kuss studied voice, has tried out every musical style imaginable in various bands and projects from jazz to funk or pop and let's the outsider's view affect this project. Between these poles they merge electronic music with classic song structures into a smart and captivating listening enjoyment.

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