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Boogie Belgique

BE, Cold Busted
Booking Territory: Europe/UK

Boogie Belgique is a Belgian band with a sound that can best be described as a fusion of old and new, vintage yet innovative.

Boogie Belgique was primarily founded by Oswald Cromheecke who started producing in 2012 mixing his love for abstract hip hop and dub rhythms with the secret treasures of the swing era. The sound of Boogie Belgique was born.

While playing live, Boogie Belgique brings an audiovisual show with live sampling, trumpet,flute, keys, guitar, synth, sax, drums & percussion.Although they only started 4 years ago they’ve already played all over Europe. (Switzerland, Greece, Romania, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Czech Republik, Belgium, ...) They played on festivals like ‘World Music Festival’(RO), ‘Mysteryland’(NL), Chillout Festival(TR), ‘Brussels Jazz Marathon’(BE) and many more

Currently there are no planned tour dates.

"It suggests a genuine love of (and reverence for) the music of yesteryear and it means you can rest assured that Boogie Belgique never drifts into the realms of the cheesy and obvious." International DJ Magazine"It’s a beautiful concoction, and Boogie Belgique delivers on many aspects of this style throughout his eleven track album. Volta is a satisfying trip in an aural time machine." The Noise Gate"Boogie Belgique is a one-piece eletronic music project. It's sound is a mix of retro sounds, jazz and modern eletronic music. The retro vibe sets you in a early 1900's where you can chill or boogie along all the songs. Has It Leaked"So refreshing. Each minutes taste like something new while constantly being familiar at the same time! Incredible!" Tilos Radio